Boutique Hotel architecture and interior design by BC Estudio Group in Barcelona, Spain


At BC Estudio Group, our renovation division specializes in transforming existing spaces into revitalized areas that blend historical charm with modern functionality. We recognize that renovation is not merely about refurbishment but about reimagining and enhancing spaces to meet contemporary needs while respecting their original character.

Our approach to renovation projects is meticulous and thoughtful. We begin by understanding the history and architectural significance of each building, ensuring that our interventions preserve the essence and integrity of the original design. Whether it’s a historical landmark, a residential property, or a commercial space, our goal is to infuse new life into the structure with sensitivity to its past.

We integrate cutting-edge design elements and modern amenities while maintaining the building’s architectural heritage. This includes the careful selection of materials that match or complement the original constructions, as well as employing contemporary engineering techniques to improve the building’s functionality and sustainability.

Sustainability is also a key focus in our renovations. We aim to reduce the environmental impact of our projects by using energy-efficient solutions and sustainable materials, which not only helps preserve the building over the long term but also enhances its usability and comfort.

Each renovation project by BC Estudio Group is a testament to our dedication to excellence and innovation. We deliver spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing and aligned with current trends but are also practical, sustainable, and true to their historical roots. With BC Estudio Group, every renovation is an opportunity to celebrate the past while embracing the future, ensuring each space is thoughtfully adapted for today’s use.