Wejchert Golf Club

Awards and Elegance: Clubhouse, Convention Center, and Spa Unveiled Bc Estudio Group

Located a few kilometers from Warsaw, this project won first prize in an international competition organized by the owner. It features three distinct club zones arranged around a curved axis. A porch formed by arches creates terraced and green areas at various levels. These terraces connect entrances to different buildings: the Clubhouse, Convention Center, and Spa – Meditation Center.

The Clubhouse spans three levels. The intermediate and upper levels are reserved for VIP members, ensuring the best views from the social areas. These levels include terraces facing holes 9 and 18, and tee 1. The Convention Center connects to the Clubhouse through a lobby, sharing common areas and bathrooms.

Furthermore, the continuous porch transforms into a wooden and glass bridge leading to the Spa and Meditation Center. Organized based on Feng Shui concepts, the spa area faces south. The treatment rooms are arranged in a circular fashion: sun, life, heat, fire, and earth. The Manipura Café, centrally located, symbolizes stability, support, and home. Additionally, the water area, oriented from north to south, conveys flexibility. Finally, the Meditation Room, oriented from east to west, serves as a space for reflection.

This project exemplifies innovative design, seamlessly integrating architectural and natural elements to create a harmonious and functional space. The thoughtful distribution of areas enhances user experience, providing exclusive amenities for VIP members and promoting wellness through the Spa and Meditation Center. Thus, the project’s success in the competition underscores its excellence in design and functionality.

WGC Club House and Spa architecture and landscape design by BC Estudio Group in Brzesce, Poland