Waultraud Cellar Torres Winery

Sustainable Splendor: The Green Future of Torres Winery

Conceived as a tribute to the Torres family’s winemaking legacy, this wine cellar and visitor center invites patrons to connect with the Penedés winery’s history and tradition.

The design integrates with the natural topography, using corten, concrete, and landscaped roofs across three levels. The underground basement-plaza stores the finest wines. A serene cloister on an intermediate level surrounds a central fountain. Its transparent glass backdrop links the courtyard to the below-ground plaza.

At the third level, a VIP reception room and museum, resembling a prow in the landscape, overlook a pond. This pond connects to the cloister by a large waterfall. Sustainability is key with an innovative photovoltaic tree illuminating the complex, promoting a greener future.

Renowned artists enhance the sensory journey. Xavier Corberó’s Familia Pétrea, Josep Cerdà i Ferrer’s MutusLiber sculptures, and Waltraud Maczassek’s paintings are featured throughout.

This design blends architecture and environment, honoring the past while embracing sustainable innovation for the future.