Van Veggel House

Open and Organic Design opened Atlantic Views BC Estudio group

This single-family home, nestled atop a mountain near Lisbon, offers breathtaking views of Cabo Da Roca, the Atlantic Sea, and the Guincho Natural Park. Designed with Feng Shui principles in mind, the house unfolds dramatically on either side of its entrance. It features an access courtyard between its two wings. A gracefully curved corridor connects the rooms, maximizing the stunning views and enhancing the beautiful location.

The two-level house is strategically positioned on the land, seamlessly integrating with the outdoor spaces. The ground floor opens to the first-level garden. A quiet pond extends through a waterfall to the lower garden. The landscape includes a semicircular rockery with sculptural olive trees, a solarium, and a pool with a stone bottom. This setup gives the area a unique character.

Gravel and landscaped roofs rise with a pitched design at the building’s ends. These enhance spaces like the living room and master bedroom. Additionally, colored plasters, wooden floors, and native stone walls harmonize with the surroundings, creating an exceptional retreat.

The thoughtful design ensures every room benefits from the stunning scenery. Furthermore, the use of natural materials integrates the house with its environment, providing a tranquil and harmonious living space.

In summary, this home blends architectural excellence with natural beauty. It offers a luxurious yet serene retreat that perfectly captures the essence of its magnificent location.