Tsirigakis House

Harmonizes Modern Elegance with Mykonos' Innate Natural Allure BC Estudio group

This splendid house overlooks the Aegean Sea and the iconic Mykonos. An existing rock, notable for its magnitude and strategic position, serves as the project’s origin and focal point, creating a unique living experience that merges architecture and nature.

The layout is functional and well-designed, featuring separate wings for common areas and the sleeping quarters. A small water channel, which becomes a large swimming pool, visually connects the house to the sea from the moment you enter.

Luminous interiors enhance the home’s beauty, using light tones throughout. Elements of vernacular architecture, such as white plaster volumes, wooden beams, domes, and distinctive rounded-edged fireplaces, are seamlessly incorporated.

Long stone walls strategically placed around the building protect the house and outdoor areas from the powerful Meltemi wind. These walls highlight the composition by creating diverse outdoor spaces and increasing privacy.

The site features a diverse tapestry of Mediterranean vegetation, including aromatic herbs, olive trees, and vibrant wildflowers like lavender and rosemary. This lush greenery further integrates the house with its natural surroundings, enhancing the overall aesthetic and creating a serene, harmonious living environment.