The reed Tower Al Wathba Nature

Design and Environmental Synergy BC Estudio group

The Reed Tower emerges from the landscape, designed with an understanding of the immediate environment. Its radial metal structure shapes a modular HPL laminate façade, creating a durable skin that wraps around an accessible ramp and protects it from the sun. The vertical and radial slats of the façade offer 360º panoramic views from the ramp and skillfully manage sunlight, creating different interior light conditions throughout the day and seasons.

The lower level features a plaza and a central seating area with a Sidr tree, enhancing the entrance space and improving climatic conditions. This observatory integrates perfectly into the landscape, inviting visitors to enjoy an immersive experience in the heart of the Al Wathba Wetland Reserve.

The design not only blends with the natural surroundings but also provides functional and aesthetic benefits. The Reed Tower stands as a testament to thoughtful architectural design, offering visitors a unique way to connect with the environment. By harmonizing with its surroundings, the tower ensures an engaging and comfortable experience for all who visit.