The green island

La Isla Verde© is an innovative urban community built on reclaimed land, designed to harmoniously coexist with marine life and human habitation. Constructed on a rock foundation, it generates a biotype conducive to marine life.

Located on the coast of Barcelona, La Isla Verde© showcases a replicable model for coastal areas worldwide. The community comprises 202 bioclimatic houses. Additionally, the development features commercial spaces, a hotel, a spa, a marina, and various recreational areas including promenades and a beach.

The project proposes efficient energy systems utilizing renewable sources such as wind, solar, and geothermal energy. It also includes the treatment and recycling of greywater. Electric vehicles will serve as the primary means of transportation on the island. Parking spaces are strategically located on the rear slope of the perimeter hill, formed by rock formations and vegetation.

This visionary project has garnered significant recognition. It is included in the exhibition “Il.luminacions. Catalunya Visionària” and has received support from Greenpeace as a prime example of sustainable development.

In summary, La Isla Verde© represents a groundbreaking approach to urban development. It combines innovative design, sustainable practices, and a commitment to environmental harmony. This project offers a model for future urban communities that aspire to balance human needs with ecological preservation.

The green island