Sutherland House

Rustic Elegance: Embracing Local Materials and Warm Colors of Sicilian Architecture BC Estudio group

A life project led a British couple with two children to move to Sicily. Enchanted by the island and the Mediterranean, they acquired land in the picturesque countryside. The location offers breathtaking views of fields, gentle hills, and the sparkling sea. Distinctive elements like olive and fruit trees, a magnificent pine, and old stone walls give the place its unique charm.

The architectural proposal embraces these features, preserving the original access road. It creates an inviting entrance through the old orchard. The house develops linearly, optimizing space and enhancing the flow between indoor and outdoor areas. An outdoor porch and a pool with a cascading waterfall complete the ensemble. These spots provide perfect areas for relaxation.

Warm hues dominate the aesthetic, primarily dictated by native stone crafted by local artisans. Rustic, textured plaster, ceramic floors, and wooden elements for carpentry and pergolas enrich the inviting atmosphere. Large windows and glass doors ensure natural light floods the interiors. This design creates a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors, offering stunning views from every room.

The design exudes the rustic charm of a rural estate. It emphasizes a deep connection to the land and respects local customs. The landscaping complements the architecture beautifully. Native plants and thoughtfully designed outdoor living areas enhance the natural beauty of the site.

This project provides a beautiful and functional living space for the family. It respects and integrates with the surrounding environment. By honoring the natural and cultural context of Sicily, the design blends tradition and modernity. It stands as a testament to sustainable living and architectural excellence.