Sommers House

Panoramic LA home: harmony in lifestyle, music and nature BC Estudio group

This Los Angeles hillside house was commissioned by saxophonist Jimmy Sommers. The residence, built on a steep slope, features irregularly overlapping floors. This design adapts to a complex program and restrictive local regulations.

The entrance aligns with the road. It offers elevator and circular staircase access to each floor’s dual wings. Fluidity characterizes the design. The dining, kitchen, and living areas form a spacious, transparently walled open space. This space showcases parked cars and blends function with aesthetics. Guest bedrooms, a generous game room, and a master suite with a stunning bathroom and outdoor Jacuzzi occupy the other levels.

Green roofs double as terraces, seamlessly merging the structure with the lush surrounding vegetation. Highlights include a recording studio and a home theater. Additionally, there is a BBQ area, a semi-covered bar, and an infinity pool with unrivaled views of the LA skyline.

Overall, this house combines luxury and functionality. The thoughtful design integrates the home with its environment, creating a harmonious living space that celebrates both natural beauty and modern architecture.