San Blas Eco Resort

Sustainable Luxury: Tenerife's Eco-Resort Vision BC Estudio group

The masterplan for this Eco-resort in Tenerife focuses on preserving the local orography and landscape, steering away from typical resort stereotypes to immerse visitors in the natural surroundings.

Firstly, the resort is organized around a water axis perpendicular to the coast. This axis features spaces enriched by cascades, a kayaking-friendly artificial lake, successive pools, and a recreational area for both children and adults. Additionally, hotels span three floors and line both sides of the water axis. These hotels offer a total of 300 rooms in Deluxe and Junior Suite configurations, each equipped with amenities and a balcony or terrace.

Moreover, the resort includes luxury facilities such as a spa, fitness center, and dining establishments. The objective is to establish a uniquely luxurious retreat in a prime location. This resort provides access to San Blas beach, a traditional fishing village, nearby restaurants and shops, and the Golf del Sur tourist center.

Noteworthy landscaping incorporates local species, creating visually stunning spaces with palm trees, cactus, and succulents on a base of natural stones. Furthermore, the thoughtful design enhances the resort’s aesthetic appeal and promotes sustainability.

In conclusion, this Eco-resort offers a luxurious and immersive experience that harmonizes with Tenerife’s natural beauty. The integration of local elements and sustainable practices ensures a unique and environmentally conscious retreat for visitors.

San Blas Eco Resort landscape and interior design by BC Estudio Group in the Canary Islands