San Basilio Resort

Untouched serenity: a resort that emerges from the site BC Estudio group

Punta San Basilio is one of the most stunning places in Baja California. It is renowned for the pristine beauty of its mountains and beaches, with an extensive untouched coastline. The proposed mountainside resort comprises 100 junior apartments and 50 master suites.

The spectacular and mysterious entrance design enhances the charm of the place. A winding path ascends to 50 meters above sea level. This path reveals a large esplanade with native vegetation and 360º panoramic views, concealing the main entrance of the hotel. In the center, a large staircase descends, following the curvature and framing a water garden. This leads to the level housing the social areas of the complex, including the reception, lobby, restaurant, bar, and lounges.

From here, the junior apartments descend along the contours of the land. They form integrated terraces with earth roofs that naturally insulate the rooms. On the opposite slope, the 50 master suites offer privacy and stunning views.

Both wings of the complex extend along the slopes. They converge naturally as they reach the oasis, with a river flowing through the valley. The second social area is located in this small natural oasis. It features a bar, restaurants, and a swimming pool, all with impressive views of Manglito Bay, the rock pier, and the islets of Santa Estela and Nido.

In summary, the Punta San Basilio resort harmonizes with its natural surroundings. Its thoughtful design and high-quality materials create a luxurious and comfortable retreat. Consequently, guests can enjoy the serene beauty of Baja California while experiencing the ultimate in hospitality and relaxation.

Illustrated island map for project planning by BC Estudio Group
Aerial view of Baja California Bay architecture and landscape design by BC Estudio Group in Mexico