Ranch Desert Retreat

Redefining the Desert Horizon BC Estudio group

Located 80 km east of Dammam in the Saudi region of Slasil-Abqaiq, this unique proposal redefines luxury living. It seamlessly blends the desert’s unique beauty with a grand estate designed to host family and friends.

Spanning two hectares, the complex features interconnected building structures and outdoor areas. These include plots with native fauna, an artificial lake, and an equestrian center. The center boasts a stable for 30 horses, a small veterinary zone, a training field, and a stage for events.

At the top of an elevated artificial mountain, the main building offers 360º views of the desert. A grand outdoor car entrance, surrounded by lush vegetation and water cascades, leads to the large hall. Inside, you will find Majlis areas, dining spaces, and amenities. Additionally, the design includes six bungalows, each with a lounge, a dining area, two master bedrooms, and a terrace.

This country palace invites sharing moments amid the splendid desert landscape. Moreover, the design emphasizes a harmonious integration of luxury and nature. Each element complements the surrounding environment, ensuring a serene and grand living experience. The combination of expansive views, natural elements, and luxurious accommodations creates a unique living experience. Ultimately, this proposal showcases how thoughtful design can enhance and celebrate the natural beauty of the desert while providing unparalleled luxury and comfort.