Porto Heli

Porto Heli Residences: Where Modern Design Meets the Serenity of Nature BC Estudio group

At Porto Heli Residences, we offer an exclusive development of three homes spanning over 4,000 m², designed to blend comfort, sustainability, and accessibility. Each property maximizes outdoor space and promotes a low-maintenance lifestyle, reflecting our commitment to eco-friendly and accessible living.

Mrs. Yeterian’s spacious 200 m² residence boasts stunning sea and pool views, providing a luxurious and serene environment. Additionally, we offer two cozy rental homes, measuring 125 m² and 75 m², each crafted with the same attention to detail and comfort.

Shared amenities enhance the community experience. These include an accessible pool, wheelchair-friendly paths, and outdoor living areas complete with kitchens. Solar panels on flat roofs further our dedication to sustainability, ensuring energy efficiency throughout the development.

Porto Heli Residences stands as a perfect sanctuary for those seeking a tranquil retreat that harmonizes modern design with the natural environment. The integration of comfort, accessibility, and eco-friendly features makes it an ideal choice for a peaceful and sustainable lifestyle.

In summary, Porto Heli Residences offers a unique combination of luxury, functionality, and environmental respect, creating a space where residents can enjoy the natural beauty of the region while living in an environment designed for their comfort and well-being. This community epitomizes modern and conscientious living, ideal for those who value both style and sustainability.