Pi-Sunyer House

Warmth and Character: A Panoramic Residence in Cadaqués BC Estudio group

Slate stone is the main material used in this project. It brings character and warmth to the structure with its gray tones interspersed with browns, reds, and oranges. Additionally, the sloping roofs of ceramic tiles create an intriguing play of slopes and textures. This family house sits on a scenic plot with panoramic views of the bay of Cadaqués.

The linear design of the house establishes multiple access points, both pedestrian and vehicular, at different levels. Inside, the house exudes a sober, warm, and functional atmosphere. Many furnishings are built-in, including those in the kitchen, bathroom, and library, enhancing the seamless design and practicality of the space.

Moreover, the zoning distribution differentiates outdoor spaces, each designed for specific dimensions and uses. Private terraces at different levels in the night area provide secluded retreats. Furthermore, a large patio with pergolas is perfect for outdoor activities.

In this privileged summer house, Mediterranean vegetation, including old olive trees, vines, and aromatic herbs, integrates thoughtfully into the design. The overflowing stone swimming pool adds to the serene and natural ambiance. This makes the outdoor area a true extension of the living space.

This project not only offers a stunning and functional living environment but also respects and harmonizes with its natural surroundings. The careful selection of materials and the thoughtful integration of local vegetation create a home that is both timeless and modern. Ultimately, it captures the essence of Mediterranean living. The design achieves a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary comfort. Thus, it provides a perfect haven for the family to enjoy the beauty of Cadaqués.