Paraschis House

Stone Walls and Curved Lines, The Perfect Balance, Privacy and Openness Layout BC Estudio group

Located just two hours from Athens, this single-family residence integrates perfectly with its surroundings through three elements: a green roof, stone, and water.

The organic floor plan design alternates straight and curved lines, creating a dynamic architectural aesthetic. The green roof merges the structure with the natural surroundings, while locally sourced stone gives the residence authenticity. With its tones and textures, the stone adds beautiful and powerful materiality to both the interior and exterior. Additionally, the use of wood at the main entrance links the walls, bringing warmth and contrast.

Water plays a central role in the residence, acting as the axis running through the house. It appears as a pond at the entrance, a canal in the master suite and living room, a small pool extending from the suite bathroom, and an infinity pool surrounded by a sun terrace and porch.

Overall, this residence exemplifies how architecture can harmonize with the landscape. It uses natural materials and design elements to create a visual and emotional connection with the environment.