Pamekas House

Harmony by the Sea: Elegance in Simplicity BC Estudio group

The pristine beauty of the place, protected and nestled on the seashore, provides the ideal setting for this home’s design. The enthusiastic participation of the owners during the works added a personal touch to the project.

A landscaped ramp, adorned with bamboo, bougainvillea, and an old olive tree, leads to the large access portal. A spacious esplanade opens up to the house, which is organized on two levels. The structure features tall, white volumes and two gently curved stone walls that frame the entrance, creating a welcoming façade.

Simplicity permeates all areas, both indoors and outdoors. The design prioritizes open spaces that combine functionality with elegance. A large expanse of paved terraces forms a minimalist platform, enhancing the surrounding landscape while interconnecting the house, a spacious porch, and a designated area for guests. This seamless connection between spaces allows for easy movement and a harmonious flow throughout the property.

The outdoor areas are further enhanced by the overflowing pool and skillful landscaping. Aromatic plants, shrubs, and trees are thoughtfully arranged to create a serene and inviting environment. This well-designed landscaping not only adds beauty but also integrates the natural elements of the seashore, making the residence feel like a true oasis.

The attention to detail in both the architectural and landscape design ensures that the home is in perfect harmony with its surroundings. Overall, this residence exemplifies how thoughtful design and natural beauty can combine to create a stunning and functional living space.