Olive farm House

Sustainable and Slow living in Delta del Ebro BC Estudio group

Located within a biosphere reserve an hour and a half from Barcelona, this property embodies the architect’s vision of a serene family retreat in an agricultural landscape. The estate spans twenty hectares and features 2,500 olive trees on a peninsula-shaped terrain bordered by two streams.

The property includes two residences: a main house and a guest house. Each residence is strategically positioned to ensure privacy. Moreover, both houses follow bioclimatic architectural principles, adapting to the local environment and climate to minimize energy and resource consumption. Additionally, the estate is self-sufficient, utilizing photovoltaic cells for electricity and solar panels to heat water.

Two elegant curved stone walls define the main house. The ground floor features a spacious common area, a bedroom, and a bathroom. Furthermore, the upstairs suite opens to a terrace with panoramic views of the delta. Outside, a beautiful pond and a summer dining area enhance the property’s charm.

The construction uses materials like tiled roofs, local stones, ochre-toned plasters, terracotta floors, and wooden carpentry. These choices reflect a deep commitment to blending with the natural surroundings. Consequently, this careful selection not only ensures harmony with the environment but also highlights the aesthetic appeal and sustainable design of this family retreat. Overall, the seamless integration of nature and architecture is evident throughout the property.