Melides House

Simplicity in Design: The Subtle Beauty of Alto Alentejo Living BC Estudio group

Nestled in the serene landscape of Alto Alentejo, near Comporta, this house serves as a tranquil retreat. It is surrounded by dunes, olive groves, and the nearby sea. The property sits on an expansive estate with two platforms. The upper platform hosts the main residence. Meanwhile, the lower platform features a magnificent pool and porch area. This area is accessible via a gravel ramp-staircase surrounded by lavender, perfectly positioned to capture the finest views.

The linear design of the home incorporates a small existing structure repurposed as a guest area. This guest area harmoniously complements the single-family dwelling. The straightforward volumetric composition extends horizontally, interrupted only by the elevation of an upper floor. This upper floor houses the master bedroom and a study with a terrace.

By using basic and simple materials such as natural pigmented plaster, stone coatings, and wooden carpentry, the architecture achieves a rustic and understated elegance. Additionally, the meticulously planned surroundings blend the building with the natural countryside. The surroundings feature gravel pathways, wooden steps, and shrub beds interspersed with citrus, oak, and olive trees.

In summary, this house in Alto Alentejo perfectly blends natural beauty and architectural simplicity. It offers a serene and elegant retreat.