Masia Casa del Mar

A Seaside Oasis: La Casa del Mar's Exquisite Garden BC Estudio group

La Casa del Mar is a cataloged building dating back to 1372. The goal of the commission was to design the exterior spaces for private use and various events.

The program includes a large pool area, with trails and paths weaving through outdoor seating areas at different levels. This creates diverse spaces and perspectives of the house and its surroundings.

The property enjoys a spectacular and privileged location. The constant views of the sea and the coastal forest give this garden a unique, genuinely Mediterranean atmosphere.

The design aims to enhance the natural beauty of the setting while providing functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor areas. The thoughtful arrangement of seating and pathways ensures that each spot offers a distinct and enjoyable experience. This careful planning highlights the property’s historical significance and natural charm, making it an ideal venue for both private relaxation and social gatherings.

The result is a harmonious blend of architecture and landscape, reflecting the timeless elegance of La Casa del Mar and its stunning environment. This project underscores the importance of preserving historical sites while adapting them for modern use​​​​.