Lord Rothschild Summer Pavilion

Nature's Embrace: Merging stone, water, and architecture in Corfu's stunning landscape BC Estudio group

The integration of this project into the beautiful landscape of Corfu is nothing short of masterful. At its heart lies an ancient marble quarry, uncovered within a rugged promontory, which became the project’s focal point. This discovery unfolded gradually, revealing different areas and adding to the charm of the site.

A prominent irregular rock, complemented by a waterfall, provides a striking backdrop to the magnificent pool. The pool’s serene tone mirrors the tranquil sea surrounding it, enhancing the sense of peace and natural beauty. The terraces showcase a lush display of Mediterranean vegetation, including olive trees, cypresses, various shrubs, and lavender, adding to the area’s enchantment.

The design incorporates native materials such as marble and tiles, seamlessly blending into the local architecture. Key elements, including the pavilion, Roman baths, facilities, entrance patio, and terraces, harmonize perfectly with the traditional architecture of Corfu, influenced heavily by Italian styles. An original Roman mosaic and sculptures further enrich the aesthetic, creating a harmonious blend of history and nature.

This project exemplifies how thoughtful design can integrate with and enhance the natural and historical context of its location, offering a tranquil and culturally rich environment that reflects the heritage and beauty of Corfu.