Lia Terraced Houses

Six Homes in Perfect Harmony with Aegean Panorama BC Estudio group

This project includes six small two-story dwellings on a generous rectangular plot with breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. The layout of the complex adapts to the natural topography, creating a stepped arrangement that maximizes the scenic vistas. A rear street provides convenient access for vehicles and pedestrians via small bridges, which preserves the front of each house for outdoor use with terraces under pergolas.

The two end houses have additional space, allowing for unique designs. These designs feature expansive living and dining outdoor areas, complete with pergolas, jacuzzis, and even small pools. These features enhance the luxury and comfort of the residences.

The architecture stands out with its interplay of incoming and outgoing volumes, skillfully combining white plaster and stone walls for a dynamic contrast of tones and textures. The roofs are crowned with stylized, sculptural chimneys, adding an artistic touch to the design.

Wood is extensively used in carpentry, pergolas, and porches, contributing to both aesthetic and functional harmony. This careful integration of materials and design elements allows the entire complex to blend seamlessly into the natural landscape. Thus, the project achieves a perfect balance between built environment and nature.

This project exemplifies BC Estudio’s commitment to architectural excellence. It integrates functionality, beauty, and sustainability to create living spaces that enhance the quality of life while respecting the environment. Consequently, the complex reflects a harmonious union of architecture and nature​​​​​​​​​​​​.