La Graiera Golf Club

Captivating Design: The Curved Stone Walls of Club House La Graiera Bc Estudio Group

Nestled in an 18-hole golf course and a pitch & putt field, this remarkable architectural composition stands out. Its design features a cylindrical tower housing the staircase as a focal point. This structure capitalizes on the site’s natural beauty, providing breathtaking views and optimal orientation.

Firstly, two striking curved walls form the central structure of the building. They converge at the entrance, creating the lobby and surrounding the staircase. The program unfolds on three levels. In the basement, there are changing rooms, storage, and a garage for golf carts. Meanwhile, the ground floor accommodates offices, a shop, and indoor and outdoor social spaces. Additionally, the rooftop, ideal for summer use, features a terrace-bar chill-out area with panoramic 360º views.

Moreover, materials such as stone, concrete, corten steel, and wood establish a harmonious relationship between the building’s aesthetics and the surroundings. The landscaping design, furthermore, draws inspiration from existing elements and native vegetation, enhancing the project’s overall aesthetics. A garden extends from outdoor terraces to the field, with paths designed to connect the clubhouse area with various parts of the golf course, ensuring a seamless flow throughout the facility.

In conclusion, this design integrates both function and beauty, creating a stunning and practical space for golf enthusiasts. The careful selection of materials and thoughtful landscaping harmonize with the natural environment, offering a serene and visually appealing experience.

La Graiera Golf Club architecture and landscape design by BC Estudio Group in Calafell, Spain
La Graiera Golf Club architecture and landscape design by BC Estudio Group in Calafell, Spain