Kokalis House, Mykonos, Greece - Architecture, Landscape, Interior Design by BC Estudio Group


A Summer Retreat on a Rocky Promontory BC Estudio group

The strength of this project derives from the harmonious synergy between its location and architectural concept. Situated on a spectacular rocky promontory, it offers panoramic views of Mykonos, its harbor, and the Aegean islands.

The design centers around a tower reminiscent of ancient fortifications, comprising two sun-oriented residences shielded from northern winds. Powerful white and stone volumes emerge from the cliff, blending seamlessly with the natural environment. Additionally, stone walls organize the surrounding outdoor spaces, creating courtyards, shaded areas, and solariums for two pools. Paths along the cliffs enhance the experience, inviting exploration and immersion in the stunning landscape. Mediterranean vegetation thrives luxuriantly, especially on the wind-protected slopes.

To achieve seamless integration and privacy, designers meticulously carved indigenous stone to reposition the houses. This change in elevation creates shifting perceptions of the buildings. From the approach, the structure appears as a single level, while from the sea, the levels cascade into terraced layers.

The owner significantly influenced the interior and exterior design, combining Greek antiques with large oak and iron doors from the Xian dynasty. This blend achieves a flawless fusion of ancient and contemporary elements, creating a unique and timeless aesthetic.

Overall, this residence exemplifies how thoughtful design and natural beauty can combine to create a stunning and functional living space. The attention to detail in both the architectural and landscape design ensures that the home harmonizes perfectly with its surroundings, providing a serene and inviting environment.

Kokalis House, Mykonos, Greece - Architecture, Landscape, Interior Design by BC Estudio Group