HRH Prince Sultan Bin Fahad Red Sea Compound

Residential family complex designed on the shores of the Red Sea BC Estudio group

This integrated, environmentally friendly family compound seamlessly combines family life with welcoming guests and friends. It also manages activities as part of the royal household. The design includes several distinct villas: one for the family, one for the prince, one for the daughters, one for trusted assistants, and four VIP houses. Additionally, it features service and security facilities.

A central avenue with double lanes and a palm-lined promenade links the buildings. This avenue connects the entrance to the private beach, an oceanfront swimming pool, and a fishing pier.

Privacy remains paramount. The careful siting of the villas, specialized carpentry, lush green barriers, and meandering walls ensure privacy. The family villa boasts a grand double-height foyer and a palatial air. The prince’s villa, with a courtyard entrance, also sits beachfront.

To mitigate the harsh climatic conditions, the design incorporates green roofs and landscaped terraces. These features offer respite from high temperatures and enhance the resort’s natural beauty with various plants and water features. Green roofs provide insulation, reducing the need for air conditioning. Landscaped terraces create shaded areas, further cooling the environment.

The overall layout emphasizes functionality, luxury, and sustainability. Natural materials and traditional architectural elements ensure harmony with the surroundings. Modern amenities and eco-friendly features highlight a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

This family compound serves as a luxurious and functional residence and a model of sustainable living. It exemplifies how traditional design principles can integrate with modern technology to create a harmonious and environmentally responsible living space