Housing Perill Street

Past Meets Present: Upgrading Living Spaces BC Estudio group

A multifamily building in the Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona stands between party walls, comprising a ground floor, mezzanine, main floor, and four additional floors. Built in 1925, it features a main facade with stucco and ceramic detailing, balcony railings of prefabricated balusters, and wrought iron. The centrally located entrance leads to a lobby with a marble staircase.

This building houses 12 units and 2 commercial spaces. Due to a lack of maintenance, it showed slight deficiencies. An investor purchased the property and immediately initiated necessary maintenance and renovation work, preserving the existing number of residential units.

The original layout had small, compartmentalized spaces. To modernize it, we recovered original features such as exposed Catalan vaults, wooden beams, carpentry, and hydraulic floors. We highlighted these elements, creating open and flexible spaces by removing partitions and using large sliding doors. We renovated bathrooms and bedrooms and integrated kitchens into common areas. Bedrooms now offer flexibility with one or two configurations.

We transformed the two street-level commercial spaces with rear patios into lofts, another typology that adapts the building to contemporary living. This change not only increased functionality but also preserved the building’s historical charm.

Moreover, this renovation project blended old and new elements. The restoration of original features, combined with modern design, created a harmonious living environment. Consequently, the building now meets current living standards while maintaining its historical value. This careful renovation ensures that the building remains a treasured part of the Gracia neighborhood for years to come.

Housing Perill residential architecture and landscape design by BC Estudio Group in Barcelona, Spain