House on the Cliff

Emerging from the Rock: when house and cliff become one BC Estudio group

This project excels in its ability to integrate seamlessly into the unique landscape of Cala Pregonda, preserving the natural beauty of the surroundings. The boundaries between the house and the cliff are nearly invisible. This creates the impression that the residence emerges directly from the rock formation.

The house’s design enhances the flow and accessibility between its volumes: the central unit, an existing tower, and the guest annex. It achieves a perfect connection between indoor and outdoor spaces through terraces, walkways, and stone stairs. This design allows residents to fully enjoy the natural environment while benefiting from the comforts of home. Inside, a warm and serene ambiance prevails with white walls linking the rooms, built-in furniture, and terracotta floors.

The green roof, conceived as a garden terrace, further contributes to the fusion of nature and architecture. It provides an additional space for relaxation and contemplation. This integration ensures that the residence not only coexists with its natural surroundings but also enhances the beauty of Cala Pregonda.

In summary, this project blends architectural brilliance with natural splendor, offering a serene and elegant retreat that respects and complements its environment.