House in South Athens

Harmonizing architecture and nature on the Athenian coast BC Estudio group

This detached single-family house, located just meters from the beach on a sloped 18% incline plot, showcases thoughtful design and environmental harmony. Existing structures on the site require demolition. The new design strategically incorporates their levels to preserve optimal views and integrate seamlessly with the landscape. Additionally, a notable large rock at the rear provides access to a public park, complemented by well-positioned trees enhancing the overall aesthetic.

The house spans multiple levels: basement, ground floor, first floor, attic, and loft. It maximizes south-facing outdoor spaces with terraced gardens that extend to the pool area. Access points, both pedestrian and vehicular, are on the northwest side, utilizing ramps and stairs due to the topography.

The basement accommodates parking, technical areas, a gym, and a spa. The ground floor fosters seamless indoor-outdoor connectivity, housing social areas and a large porch. The first floor, separated by a circulation core, includes areas designated for parents and children.

Unitary volumetry, characterized by varying heights and roofs, integrates light-colored plaster, natural stone cladding, specially designed metallic carpentry, and zinc roofs. The design emphasizes low maintenance and uses quality materials throughout. It aligns with sustainability principles and execution excellence in both exterior and meticulously designed interior spaces.

This beachside residence provides a luxurious and functional living environment. It harmonizes with its natural surroundings. The combination of thoughtful design, high-quality materials, and a focus on sustainability ensures a timeless and elegant home, perfect for enjoying the coastal beauty.