Hotel Boutique Barcelona

Historic Charm Meets Modern Hospitality BC Estudio group

The renovation of a noble floor in a modernist building in Barcelona’s right expansion transforms it into a charming boutique hotel, commissioned by the company Retrome for an urban retreat. The revitalized space now includes a reception area and common spaces that highlight the grandeur of the old house.

The hotel features five double rooms and two single rooms. Some rooms offer a terrace overlooking the interior courtyard, while others have a small balcony facing the street. The bathrooms, designed in white and neutral tones, maximize brightness and spaciousness.

Hydraulic floors showcase varied designs, especially in the most prominent spaces. High baseboards of 1.20 meters with enameled mosaics inspired by nature enhance the atmosphere. Additionally, tall woodwork and ceilings with plaster moldings provide elegance. The original finishes give each room its unique charm, while the chosen furniture personalizes each space.

The new use of the space by Retrome breathes new life into the historic building, blending modern amenities with classic elegance. The reception and common areas emphasize the building’s original grandeur, making guests feel both the historical significance and contemporary comfort.

Moreover, each room’s unique decor and the careful selection of furniture create a personalized and inviting environment. The combination of historical elements and modern design culminates in a unique and singular hospitality experience, offering guests a perfect retreat in the heart of Barcelona.

In summary, this renovation project for Retrome not only preserves the historical essence of the modernist building but also introduces modern comforts and stylish touches, providing a truly distinctive and memorable stay for its guests.

Boutique Hotel architecture and interior design by BC Estudio Group in Barcelona, Spain