Ekali house

The curve as the protagonist element of design BC Estudio group

Located in a residential area north of Athens, with stunning views of Mount Penteli and the surrounding hills, this house seamlessly integrates with its exterior space, creating unique and inviting interior spaces. The project benefitted from a very participative client who proposed a detailed program for their family with three children and two dogs.

From the entrance, the two-wing design is immediately apparent, creating a sense of continuity and harmony through the use of local stone and wood. The combination of curved and straight lines is a constant in the design, defining private and common spaces with perfect articulation. Unique details, such as the curved stone walls of the suite that form the fireplace, add a distinctive touch. On the roof, a lounge area provides a serene spot to contemplate the sky.

The garden features careful landscaping, with existing pines giving elegance to the plot, combined with old olive trees, vines, and aromatic herbs. A long and narrow swimming pool is perfectly integrated into the overall design, enhancing the outdoor living experience.

This residence not only provides a luxurious and functional living environment but also harmonizes with its natural surroundings. The thoughtful design, high-quality materials, and careful integration of natural elements ensure a timeless and elegant home, perfectly suited for family life.