Desert Family Complex

A Family Oasis Woven into the Desert Landscape BC Estudio group

Nestled in the desert and among date palm plantations, 250 km north of Riyadh, lies a family compound featuring a main house, three additional houses for children and guests, and shared common areas. The design draws inspiration from vernacular architecture, incorporating courtyards and corridors that link both public and private spaces.

Rustic materials such as plaster, stone, and wood, along with palm roofs, evoke traditional construction methods. The earthy ochre-colored walls blend seamlessly with the natural desert tones, enhanced by the graceful, leafy date palms. The varying heights of the buildings create a dynamic silhouette that harmonizes with the surrounding dunes, occasionally punctuated by wind towers for natural cooling.

Landscaping and architecture merge to create a microclimate, utilizing native plants and incorporating features such as a large lagoon pool, an expansive porch, and a small oasis in the lower areas. A network of pathways allows for exploration and leisurely strolls throughout the complex, enhancing the connection to nature and the serene environment.

This project not only provides a functional and aesthetically pleasing living space but also respects and integrates with its natural surroundings. By honoring traditional construction techniques and materials, the design achieves a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. The careful selection of native plants and the thoughtful integration of water features create a sustainable and comfortable living environment, offering a perfect retreat for the family to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the desert landscape.