Banyoles Boutique Hotel

Beyond Hospitality: A Boutique Haven at Lake Banyoles BC Estudio group

The Comprehensive Rehabilitation Project transforms a traditional hotel on the shores of Lake Banyoles, Catalonia’s largest lake. This protected natural space holds significant geological, ecological, landscape, and cultural value. The main goal was to turn the hotel into a boutique destination, incorporating the essence of its unique location. The area offers various sports and leisure activities and has hosted Olympic Games and World Rowing and Canoeing Championships.

The renovation introduces tranquility through lighting, textures, and colors. Soft light, earth tones, and hues of water create a serene atmosphere in all spaces. The project developed various room types, including standard, duplex, family, and executive rooms. Designers carefully studied distribution and details using natural materials. Some rooms feature terraces with Jacuzzis overlooking the lake.

The project highlights the spacious Spa and Gym for their meticulous design. Additionally, the renewal of outdoor spaces enhances guest enjoyment and integrates with visitors strolling along the lake shore.

Overall, the project successfully merges luxury with nature. It creates a serene environment that celebrates the unique beauty and cultural significance of Lake Banyoles. The thoughtful use of natural materials, harmonious color schemes, and well-planned outdoor spaces ensures a memorable experience for all visitors.