36 bioclimatic houses Predio Sa fua

Mediterranean elegance meets sustainability: Predio de Sa Fúa, a Prize-Winning Residential Haven

Predio de Sa Fúa, a residential complex in the scenic south of Minorca, has earned the Prize for Mediterranean Environmental Quality. This recognition highlights its commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable development.

The complex features a thoughtful arrangement in four rows that follow the natural slope of the land. This design allows all residents to enjoy breathtaking views. The use of thermal clay brick, stone cladding, and green roofs helps regulate the houses’ temperature and promotes significant energy savings.

Local vegetation, including Mediterranean plants, shrubs, and trees, flourishes in both public and private spaces. Water features prominently in each house. Designers have seamlessly integrated pools into the design, enhancing the aesthetic and environmental harmony of the complex.

Predio de Sa Fúa exemplifies how thoughtful design and sustainable practices can create a residential area that enhances its natural surroundings. This commitment to green architecture sets a benchmark for future developments in the Mediterranean region.