House on the Cliff Mediterranean architecture and landscape design by BC Estudio Group in Menorca, Spain

Founded by Javier Barba, BC Estudio Group is fueled by a passion for architectural design, crafting sustainable and transformative experiences. Now guided by Gabriel Barba Platt, our team is rooted in cultural and social values, ensuring our buildings blend seamlessly into their environments with a focus on our clients and end users.

BC Estudio has evolved through nine generations of the Barba family, embracing neoclassical, modernist, modern, and bioclimatic styles since the 18th century. Notable figures include Francisco Barba Corsini, renowned for his modernist redesign and integration of contemporary apartments in Gaudí’s La Pedrera attic, and Francesc Barba Tuset, who served as the provincial architect of Tarragona and safeguarded the city’s Roman heritage.

From Pere Barba Sala to Gabriel Barba Platt, our heritage and commitment to excellence are evident in every project. We specialize in high-end architecture, delivering bespoke projects that seamlessly combine architecture, interior design, and landscaping into timeless designs.

Gabriel Barba and Javier Barba, architects at BC Estudio Group

Gabriel Barba


B C Estudio Architecture Director


Plaza Eguilaz 10, Entresuelo 3ª
08017 Barcelona

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